2020/21 Academic Term
Covid-19: Changes to Cancellation Policy and Flexible Start Dates due to Covid-19

Updated 12 November 2020

We know this is a very uncertain time for everyone, especially students travelling to University, so we have adjusted our cancellation and start date policies to make them as flexible as possible.   Please see our revised 2020/21 Booking Policies below.  If you have any questions on any of these, please call or email the accommodation team.

We have also amended our policy for students who need to self-isolate due to government guidelines.

Please note: the below detail is for 20/21 bookings ONLY. For 2021/22 Booking Policies, please click here for Thomas Street and here for Parkgate.

Book Now, Pay Later:

  • If you book today at either Highlight site, your €300 booking deposit isn’t due until your first rent installment. So you can book today, pay later!

Cancellation Policy (prior to move-in):

  • If you are not able to travel to Dublin due to Covid-19 related travel restrictions, you may cancel your license to reside with no repercussions up to 48 hours before your move in date. Your deposit and first rent installment, both of which are due on or before your move in date, will be refunded in full.
  • You must provide evidence of travel restrictions from the World Health Organisation or Government of country of origin.
  • If your course has been canceled or moved entirely online due to Covid-19, you may cancel your license to reside with no repercussions up to 48 hours before your move in date. Your deposit and first rent installment, both of which are due on or before your move in date, will be refunded in full.
  • You must provide evidence from your Higher Education Institution. This cancelation policy is not available if only a portion of your courses have been moved online, it must be the entire course.
  • If you are not able to provide evidence of either of the above, our standard cancelation policies apply. See the FAQ section of our website for more detail.

Cancellation Policy (after you move-in):

Please refer to section 11 subsection 11.1.3 of your licence agreement for further information.

Flexible Start Date Policy (before you move-in):

  • We will amend your tenancy start date without penalties or additional costs in the event that your Higher Education Institution confirms in writing that they are postponing on-campus face-to-face teaching.
  • You will need to let us know before your move in date if the start of your university is going to be delayed.
  • You can delay your move in date up to 4 January 2021 but no later than the Saturday before the start of your University’s welcome week. All tenancies begin on a Saturday.
  • You must provide evidence from your University regarding the delayed start date.
  • For example, if your University has delayed its start date to 5 October 2020, with welcome week beginning 28 September 2020, and you can provide proof from the University of this delay, you are eligible to move your tenancy start date to no later than Saturday, 26 September 2020.
  • If your Higher Education Institution is due to start on time, the tenancy start date is 29 August 2020 for Highlight Thomas Street and 5 September 2020 for Highlight Parkgate. The tenancy start date for Semester 2 is 9 January 2021 for both Highlight sites.

Self-Isolation Requirement:

If you are arriving to Ireland from a location which requires that you self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival, we are able to offer you a room at Highlight 14 days before your scheduled arrival date at no extra charge.  You will need to let us know at least 2 days before your arrival if you need the additional days for self-isolation. For example, if your move-in date is 3 October 2020, you can arrive on 26 September 2020 and self-isolate at Highlight for 14 days at no additional cost.  You will need to let us know by 24 September 2020 if you intend to utilize the 14 day self-isolation period.  We will do our best to accommodate you in your booked room for the 14 day period but if that is not possible, you might be in another room at Highlight for the 14 day period only.  This offer is only valid for students who have booked a full semester or full year booking.

The rules and regulations regarding self-isolation are published on the HSE website and are updated frequently.  If you aren’t sure whether you need to self-isolate, please consult the HSE travel website here.

If you do need to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival, instructions on what this entails are found on the HSE restricted movement website here.

In order to abide by the self-isolation regulations, the following rules MUST be followed at Highlight Student Living:

You must ensure that you DO NOT:

  • Visit others – including in your apartment, in another Highlight apartment or in a common area at Highlight. If you must use your kitchen, you must wear a face covering and sanitise every thing you touch.  You are not allowed to hang out in the communal living area.  If you need to use the laundry room, please notify staff and we can make sure you can do so in a safe manner.

  • Invite any visitors to Highlight.

  • Go out to shops, restaurants or bars. Please use online grocery and pharmacy delivery.  The staff at Highlight will assist you with this and will drop your deliveries outside your apartment door.  You can also ask one of the people in your apartment to assist.

  • Use public transportation

  • Meet face to face with anyone who is at higher risk of coronavirus – this includes people over 60 years old or people with pre-existing medical conditions

If you are in violation of any of the above restrictions during your self-isolation period, you will be charged for the 14 day period in which you were living at site and not properly self-isolating.  Note: these rules are subject to change based on HSE guidelines and might be different upon your arrival.

If you are arriving with a group, you will be able to self-isolate together.